Alton Cryer (left) and Jeremy Calhoun (right) came together in 2012 to create STS Enterprise Corporation.


In 2012, Our founder Jeremy Calhoun, was given a vision from God to form an organization, a movement that would ignite a fire in the youth here in the City of Memphis. The name STS Enterprise was chosen, which stands for “Setting the Standard”, as he wanted to develop and empower a new breed of young people who do not allow their environment to consume them, but rather a group of young people who will defy stereotypes, exceed expectations, approach life with a tenacious mindset, and believe in “Setting a Standard of Excellence” in every facet of life. With the help of a close friend, Alton Cryer, the two started STS Enterprise Corporation.

Over the years the dynamic duo have established themselves as leaders in the Memphis community and have won a number of accolades and awards. While the two have been successful in their own regards you will rarely ever hear them take credit for their accomplishments. Every accolade and honor is quickly followed with, "To God be the Glory" or "It's all God", as they refuse to take credit for anything. 

Jeremy and Alton are determined to be servant leaders, and their journey of building STS Enterprise has most definitely been fun to watch. They are dedicated to being the "Spark that will ignite the future" and they are determined to make STS Enterprise the preferred leadership development organization for high school and college students across the nation.