Extracurricular Activities

STS Enterprise is teaming up with education consulting firm OWLS LLC.

OWLS provides professional development and curriculum writing services to school districts, corporations, and nonprofits. They specialize in creating content that helps leaders improve the way their organizations learn, interact, and perform. This gives STS the opportunity to have access to OWLS proprietary content for the purpose of perfecting curriculum development and facilitation aiding STS in becoming the premier alternative for leadership development.

"This partnership will be an effort to help solidify both STS and OWLS as agents of change in the city of Memphis according to co-founder and COO of the OWLS, Dominic Lawson. We will help STS in crystallizing its vision of being the premier leadership organization for youth by advising on best practices in engaging youth and scaling the organization. STS in return will help us deepen our relationship with emerging youth leaders and corporate partners in the city of Memphis."

Dominic who currently serves as a coach/facilitator for the STS Strive program, a facilitator for the STS Elite college program, and on the STS curriculum development committee with his wife already has an in-depth understanding of STS and its programs. 

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