Practical Advice for Professional Preparation


STS Enterprise President Jeremy Calhoun served as a panelist for the University of Memphis’ Emerging Leaders program on Tuesday, September 25th. The Emerging Leaders Program, a comprehensive scholarship program, began in 1983 and has been of benefit to over 700 students since its inception.

The session focused on Professional Preparation: Landing and Succeeding in your First Job. Calhoun was pleased to “give them some practical advice to get them where they need to go.” He spoke on the importance of following-up and developing competencies/skills to make you more valuable regardless of your major or discipline.

In 2012, Jeremy Calhoun and Alton Cryer acted on their passions for youth and the Greater Memphis community by introducing STS Enterprise Corporation. A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, the organization is dedicated to developing and empowering the next generation of Mid-South leaders. Through Authentic, Transformative and Excellence-Driven programs, the nonprofit is encouraging students to exceed expectations, defy stereotypes, and create an unyielding mindset. 

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