STS Strive Parents Create Parent Booster Club


STS Enterprise Corporation is an organization of inclusion and unity so much so that the members of the STS Strive program and two of the program’s parents, Shuntea Price and Mary Bibbs, started a parent booster club to give the parents a voice and assist them in their desire to support the organization's efforts. The parent booster club is where the parents are able to advocate for the program, recruit parents and student, provide parental advice, and build relationships in the process. They have created fundraisers such as a Krispy Kreme voucher sale, proposed a spring car wash, and a raffling, explaining why one of the benefits of STS Strive is parent engagement. Going beyond just dropping their child(ren) off for program activities, the parents are also coordinating events and being active participants in different decision-making aspects of the program. They too strive to help empower their children to become leaders and obtain post-secondary opportunities. The parents involved in the parent booster club believe in the mission of the organization and they are committed to aiding STS in continuing to be the preferred leadership organization in the mid-south.  

" The Parent Booster Club has a tremendous impact on our program! They not only coordinate ways to engage parents but they discuss ways to improve both the student and parental experience in STS Strive. As an organization that prides itself on making excellence the norm, we appreciate and embrace the feedback and ideas from our parents and students. Our program would not be complete without our Parent Booster Club!" Vice President and Co-founder of STS Enterprise Corporation Alton Cryer   

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