A Day In The Life

3 years ago, STS Enterprise started an initiative that would give the students of the STS Strive program a jumpstart on choosing their future career. “A Day in The Life” was created to allow students to gain hands-on experience in their desired professions, give them the opportunity to see if the field they selected was, in fact, a match while exposing students to connections with leaders within their field. It also displays company options for students to possibly work for after graduating, helping to retain Memphis talent.

Every summer 8 students are chosen for an opportunity to job shadow with companies such as SweetBio, Driven by Music, UTC Carrier, Allworld Project Management, and Cushman and Wakefield. The selection is based off what the students have identified as their desired career choice from information collected at the beginning of the year. Imagine being in high school and being able to add working for a commercial real estate agency as experience on your resume. Companies are always looking for candidates who have years of experience before they can even step into their field, so this gives Memphis youth an advantage over other candidates.

" SweetBio has taught me to save lives using periodontal honey experiments. I verified expiration dates for quality purposes and insured the flexibility and durability of the product. I learned their products help remove toxins from the human body which equals a healthy life. It was truly an eye-opening experience."  Says Amyria Garrett, a student in the program.

STS Enterprise and their company partners have committed to giving a much-needed opportunity to Memphis youth as well as shown their commitment to making a difference in the city of Memphis. The coaches have dedicated themselves to make sure that the youth within the program have the resources and the tools they need to defy stereotypes, exceed expectations, succeed, and create a mindset that is unyielding.

“Thank you all for the opportunity to host a student. Kayla and I really enjoyed our time with Amyria. She was very impressive, and Kayla and I were shocked that she was so young with an amazing head on her shoulders! During her shadowing experience, she was able to perform some scientific studies, learn more about starting up a company, and asked very thoughtful questions about college and beyond. We were excited that we could show her a little piece of what we do. At the end of the day, Amyria said that we could “keep her”. Students like this are what any company is looking for so we’d love to keep in touch with her throughout the years and maybe even see what opportunities we can collaborate on in the future.” explains co-founder of SweetBio, Isaac Rodriguez.

Continue to follow STS Strive and support their efforts. You may become a “Partner in Excellence” by donating $10/month, sign a student up for the program, or maybe even become part of the team! Click on the programs tab on our webpage to learn more about STS Strive.