STS Enterprise Gains New Partners for 2019

As a volunteer-run nonprofit, STS Enterprise Corporation understands that people are at the heart of any great mission. That is why the youth leadership development organization is always excited to bring new leaders, mentors and partners to the table. In 2019, STS Enterprise will welcome five new partners.


These new partners include: Shelby County Schools’ Hamilton High School; OWLS LLC; City of Memphis MPLOY; Soulsville Charter School; and the University of Memphis’ Student Success Program.


In connection with Communities In Schools (CIS), Hamilton High School will collaborate with the STS Strive program to allow its high school students to participate in monthly sessions held at the school. Furthermore, CIS will promote the STS Strive program through direct and digital marketing efforts.


OWLS LLC will work with the STS Strive and STS Elite programs. OWLS provides professional development and curriculum writing services to school districts, corporations, and nonprofits. As consultants, the company specializes in creating content that helps leaders improve the way their organizations learn, interact, and perform. STS Enterprise will have access to OWLS’ proprietary content for the purpose of perfecting curriculum development and becoming a premier alternative for leadership development.


"This partnership will be an effort to help solidify both STS and OWLS as agents of change in the city of Memphis,” said Dominic Lawson, co-founder and COO of OWLS. “We will help STS in crystallizing its vision of being the premier leadership organization for youth by advising on best practices in engaging youth and scaling the organization. STS in return will help us deepen our relationship with emerging youth leaders and corporate partners in the city of Memphis."


MPLOY will help the STS Strive and STS Elite programs offer real-world experiences to students so that they can execute the skills they gain. A locally-funded initiative, MPLOY provides City of Memphis youth, ages 14 to 22 years old, with meaningful and rewarding 6-week summer experiences. Various career path options according to the participants’ strengths and interests, including soft skills training, entry-level positions, and internships. MPLOY has committed to guaranteeing all STS students gain a 2019 summer internship.


The STS Speaks effort will gain traction in 2019 thanks to the partnership with Soulsville Charter School. STS Speaks is an honorarium based-program of STS Enterprise where its coaches, leaders and professional partners take on public speaking engagement opportunities with the goal of empowering youth and college students through stories, workshops, and lectures. In 2019, STS Speaks will offer its pool of speakers for the charter school’s annual young men’s conference. STS Speaks will also establish a pipeline of speakers with the charter school’s alumni.


Finally, the University of Memphis’ Student Success Programs will also become of partner for the STS Speaks program. The university has committed to securing paid engagements for the program in 2019.


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