STS Enterprise Participates In 2018 Memphis Suit Project

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” A quote from Deion Sanders read by the Meghan Heimke, executive director of the Memphis Suit Project, as she explained the purpose of the effort.

For the past three years, STS Enterprise has assisted in bringing this quote to life through a partnership with the initiative. It is a 6-week program where its recipients, normally high school and college students, gain a new tailored suit to add to their wardrobe. The recipients gain lessons on confidence and credibility, learn the importance of first impressions, receive soft skills training, attend private workshops, and make beneficial connections. This program is designed to help those who are striving to improve their lives by gaining employment and furthering their education.         

There were 19 members of STS Strive awarded a new suit from New York Suit Exchange. STS Strive members completed the program and on December 8, 2018 with a celebration. In a room filled with cheering loved ones and supporters, these deserving recipients took to the runway to present themselves and show off their new confidence. They expressed the effectiveness of the program and explained what being in the program had done for them. There was confidence in the way they walked and talked. Their smiles were bright, they were speaking clearly, making eye contact, the transformation was obvious. During one recipient’s testimonial, he stated that seeing how good he looked in a suit changed his views on wearing one. The celebration displayed the purpose of the program and why it is important to be confident and mindful in personal presentation.

STS Enterprise looks forward continued partnership with Memphis Suit Project with hopes to continue to increase the number of recipients within the program. Help STS Enterprise continue “Making Excellence The Norm” through programs like this by donating to our PayPal here.

STS students model their new suits from New York Suit Exchange.

STS students model their new suits from New York Suit Exchange.