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STS Strive is designed to develop high school students for leadership and to help them obtain post-secondary opportunities. The STS STRIVE program is divided into two groups: one for young men, and one for young women.  We believe each group has unique challenges, and we’ve tailored our program to carefully address them and promote skills that impact them both. Collectively, our students are equipped with the tools needed to excel both personally and academically.

Our students are partnered with a group of STS Enterprise coaches who prioritize their advancement, and build strong rapport through support and encouragement. Through this, knowledge is shared, memories are made, and lifelong relationships are built. STS leadership development often exceeds our designated meeting times, and mentors have accompanied students to sporting events, school programs, graduations and more.  Through this program model, we connect students to community leaders, and assist in the creation and achievement of personal and scholastic goals.

We believe that if exposed to different environments, held accountable for Setting the Standard, and immersed in an atmosphere that encourages excellence, we can produce young men and women that will inspire and implement change in our communities.


Our Program

First Year: Rookie Level

Second Year: Star Level

Third Year: All-Star Level

Fourth Year: Veteran Level

Recruiting begins with incoming 8th and 9th graders


Program benefits

1 on 1 and Group Mentoring

Parent Booster Club

Family atmosphere

Life skills and Personal Development

College and Workforce Readiness

Summer Internship and Job shadowing Opportunities


Our Priority

We build relationships first

We are transparent and authentic

We stay relevant and update

We work hard gain and build trust


Our Formula

We set the Expectations Early

We hold our student leaders accountable

We speak life into them constantly

We celebrate their big & small victories


Our Leadership

Meet the leaders of the STS Strive Program.

Men's Program


woMen's Program