STS Elite Outlook: – This program is designed and geared towards developing, preparing, and empowering college students to be competitive and successful in the workforce.

Monthly Meetings

Each month STS Elite host it's monthly meeting also referred to as Mass Meeting for its members. Mass meeting typically occur on Monday's at 4:00 PM in the University Center (UC) which is located on the Main Campus of the University of Memphis.

Non-members are encouraged to attend the meeting and see if STS Elite is right for them.  Each meeting is dedicated to building our members professionally or personally as their development is our top prioirty. 

Bringing out the LEaders

Coined as the "Largest Collegiate Networking Event in the Mid-South" Bringing Out the Leaders is a premier event that is designed to connect college students across the Mid-South with some of the top professional leaders in the Mid-South.

Bringing out the Leaders has a legacy of attracting hundreds of college students and professionals together for a night of networking, dialogue, and transparency.

Making Excellence the Norm Scholarship Program

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