STS Elite overview: – STS Elite is designed and geared towards developing, preparing, and empowering college students to be competitive and successful in the workforce. Student will acquire skills and have experiences that will help them bridge the gap between college and their career


Membership Requirements 

  1. Complete the STS Elite Membership Application

  2. Attend a local 4-year University (University of Memphis, LeMoyne-Owen, Christian Brothers, or Rhodes)

  3. Open to ALL Majors

  4. Submit a One-Page Résume

  5. Submit 1-2 Letter of Recommendations

  6. GPA Requirement: 2.8 (minimum)

Member Benefits

  1. Access to scholarship opportunities

  2. Access to industry professionals in your desired field of study

  3. Opportunities to earn multi-year Internships and full time employment

  4. Skills-based development training

  5. Unparalleled networking opportunities with career-minded peers, corporate executives and STS Alumni.

  6. Expand your network


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