STS Enterprise Corporation has made remarkable progress in helping thousands of high school and college students realize their potential, develop soft skills and obtain post-secondary opportunities. A small donation from you can help us do so much more.  Every dollar given is used to support programming, coach training, scholarships and more, and we could not impact our students without you.

At STS, we firmly believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and similarly, we heavily rely on you, our village, to help us to continue providing the training and development that is changing the lives of our students everyday.  That is why we introduce our Partner in Excellence campaign, as an opportunity to become a dedicated member of our village. We are calling for 500 individuals to commit to a monthly $10 donation, to help support our efforts, so that we can focus our attention more on student empowerment and less on the day-to-day demands of program provision.  

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Your donation allows us to further our mission and create opportunities for our participants. Support us a we continue to be the spark that ignites the future

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