What are our clients and partners saying about STS?


The energy and engagement. They have the ability to motivate youth , which is not very easy.


They where very open and transparent. They exceeded my expectations



STS did an excellent job! I love their interaction with the student/crowd


I really enjoyed it I was inspired!



It was so perfect like unbelievably perfect that I almost cried. It was amazing and made me really think about my life.


It was so inspirational that I just wanted to cry. The speaker came by and said hello to everyone. He made me feel like I was at home. 


The content was perfect for our group of students and Jeremy was able to command the room in a way that grabbed the students' attention. 



STS overwhelms me and the students EVERYTIME they speak. These are dynamic young men that relates well to the youth we serve. Each session keeps the youth on the edge of their seats wanting more.

Every opportunity I can create for STS I do not hesitate because of the quality of work they bring, the enthusiasm they bring and the passion they have for the youth and families of JIFF. If I had funding I would be selfish and hire them all to be Mentors for my youth.



STS Enterprise exceeded our expectations. Staff and students were blown away by their authenticity and powerful demeanor.


Continue to inspire the youth of Memphis. We need you all.



I witnessed a heart for serving others in all that work with STS Enterprise.



It greatly exceeded my expectations. Before I had met Alton and Jeremy, I thought it was going to be a seminar, boring and tedious. Those guys really made this event one of a kind for me and I really appreciate them for that. 


It was an overwhelmingly well received seminar. Every participant came away inspired by the excellent presentation of both the speakers. STS Enterprise exceeded our expectations.



STS displayed their passion for student success. Great to have this service to be available for our young people.



Of almost 150 organizations speaking to the class, both of you commanded the classes attention in a good way.



Exceed expectations as always!  Great group of young adults very polite, well mannered and professional.


What a great organization teaching young adults to prepare for the future.




STS Enterprise brought genuine enthusiasm and interaction in their presentation. The transparency of their own experiences and understanding of what our youth are facing in Memphis helped everyone take something away from the class. I look forward to having them again!



STS Enterprise did a great job motivating and encouraging our football players before the game. Great Experience



STS Enterprise exceeded my expectations! We usually have our meeting for an hour. The boys were so into the presentation and asked many questions that we went over thirty minutes longer.


The fact that he was on time and spoke along the topic which was provided to him. Also he introduced himself to each student being promoted and staff member.He kept the audience engaged from the beginning to the end of his presentation.


The speaker from STS Enterprise both met and exceeded the expectations that I had for the speaking engagement. He was both interactive and engaging.



STS Enterprise showed up and showed out.  Having STS as the panel was great for the young people. 


Many left the event asking when was the next event as they wanted to attend again. 


There was a letter written to RISE thanking them for the great information which was received at the Forum and I believe a BIG part of that was having STS there, sharing their stories.



I felt the talk captured scholars' attention, was motivational, and relevant. 



The students were pleased with information provided on effective communication. Many of them listed your piece as their favorite part of the event. It was in formative and very engaging.

The examples provided allowed the students to relate and determine how they could use this skills to be their best.


I would love to invite you to speak to our students again. You truly did a great job of "setting the standard," in which we want out students to strive for excellence. Thank You for working with us and volunteering your time!




My expectations were met over and beyond what I imagined. The girls highly enjoyed the words of encouragement and wisdom from STS. A few girls stated that they learned new things. 


I honestly cannot thank you all enough. Some of the things you all said was confirmation from God about things and situations that I am going through in my own personal life. Thank you for letting yourselves be used by God. Thank you for caring. Thank you for your time. 



The approach was great for the audience. Our young men and women were so pleased with the services provided and the real talk aspect took it to another level! Excited we have people interested in being mentored!


I enjoyed the upbeat attitude and real stories. The kids were able to connect ot the stories and the realness of the whole presentation.



My expectations, as always with STS Enterprise, were blown away. I was extremely impressed by Mr. Cryer's ability to connect with the students, especially with a limited amount of time to do so. The students unanimously agreed that Mr. Cryer's presentation was the most beneficial and exciting aspect of the meeting that day. 


We can never thank you enough for being present at this event. STS Enterprise always proves to be a reliable partner and beneficial resource to Memphis students.



"STS was motivational and energetic. They talked to the students at their level and gave them affirmations to live by. Students repeated the sayings and engaged in the presentation. We would like to have them come back and talk with our students on a more personal level.



STS Enterprise exceeded my expectations.



The speaker did a Fantastic Job!!!! The entire organization is awesome! I think STS Enterprise is a great organization and I want them to keep striving towards excellence in Memphis!!! 



STS did a wonderful job of interacting with these young men. We have had several people come and speak and no one has ever elicited this positive of a response!



STS was professional and personable and made each and every client feel comfortable. I love the positive energy you guys bring!