STS Enterprise Corporation is a leadership development organization, dedicated to cultivating wiser, more disciplined and productive young men and women.  Through authentic, transformative and excellence-driven programs, we are encouraging students to exceed expectations, defy stereotypes, and create an unyielding mindset. Our group coaching approach allows students to have access to a wide variety of community leaders, while learning and growing alongside their peers.  STS offers year-round programming for high school and college students in urban communities that are crafted to help our students form leadership skills and obtain post-secondary opportunities.   At STS, our goal is to make excellence the norm.


Our Mission

Empowering youth and college students to “Make Excellence the Norm” through authentic leadership development programs.


Our Vision

Our aim is to develop future leaders by encouraging them to exceed expectations, defy stereotypes, and create a mindset that is unyielding.


Our Core Values

Authentic | Transformative | Excellence

Our Culture

Humility | Tenacious | Family Oriented | Innovative | Results Driven

Our Motto



Our Programs

STS Enterprise has 2 main programs that allow them to impact youth and college students all over:

STS Strive | STS Elite

STS Strive Overview - STS Strive is designed to develop high school students for leadership and to help them obtain post-secondary opportunities. The STS STRIVE program is divided into two groups: one for young men, and one for young women.  We believe each group has unique challenges, and we’ve tailored our program to carefully address them and promote skills that impact them both. Collectively, our students are equipped with the tools needed to excel both personally and academically.

STS Elite Overview: – STS Elite is designed to develop, prepare, and empower college students to be competitive and successful in the workforce. Our students, affectionately known as Professionals in the Making (PIMs), acquire skills and experiences that will help them bridge the gap between college and career.


Our Services

STS Enterprise has 2 services that allow them to impact youth and college students all over:

STS Speaks | STS Serves

STS Speaks Outlook: – STS Speaks is designed is to empower the lives of youth and college students through stories, workshops, and lectures. Covering a variety of topics from time management to goal setting, our team of vibrant speakers are equipped to inspire and motivate youth audiences everywhere.

STS Serves Outlook: – STS Serves is designed to create volunteer opportunities for youth and college students; to give back to the Memphis Community.